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फोर्स Defence Academy


Force Defence Academy, located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is a well-known and leading institute specializing in the training of defense aspirants aiming to join the Indian Army, Airforce, Navy, and related services such as the Coast Guard. We also prepare students for admissions to prestigious institutions like Sainik School, RIMC, and Military schools.

Our primary focus is on helping candidates succeed in esteemed examinations like NDA, CDS, Sainik School, and RIMC, offering specialized coaching in Indore. At Force Defence Academy, we have a team of experienced professors who are subject matter experts and handle the coaching for NDA written exams and SSB interviews.

Our educational programs encompass extensive classroom sessions, the practice of previous years' question papers, guess papers, and weekly tests. We also provide comprehensive study materials and syllabus-based coaching to enhance candidates' abilities to tackle question papers efficiently and effectively.

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